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CBT course... your first step into motorbikes!


Introduced in 1990 Compulsory Basic Training (CBT) was bought in to help reduce the amount of motorcycle and scooter accidents among inexperienced riders and those new to riding on the roads. There are five main elements (A-E) to CBT. Each must be completed satisfactorily before a CBT Certificate (DL196) can be issued. This certificate will be valid for two years.


Before attending one of our CBT courses you must be the holder of a UK provisional or full driving licence. EU licences are acceptable but they must have the UK counterpart with them.


The CBT Certificate will enable anyone 17 years of age and over to ride any scooter or motorcycle up to and including a 125cc. If you are 16 you are limited to a 50cc scooter, however when you turn 17 you can then ride a 125cc scooter or motorcycle. You MUST display 'L' plates, and you are not permitted to use a motorway or carry a pillion.


The CBT can only be undertaken with an approved DSA training school, as we are at the RIGHT WAY MOTORCYCLE TRAINING, it has been designed to be helpful not difficult and will give you a good safe start to your riding future. We promise you will find your day with us a very safe, enjoyable and educational experience, but also an awful lot of fun!


Your CBT will start at 9.00am, and the training will be due to finish around 4pm. This will include finishing with a full two hour road ride as required by the DSA.


If in the unlikely event you don't quite complete your CBT on the first day, unlike other schools, we do not charge any money for you to come back another day for some further training, and finish your CBT course.


Our CBT classes are small, no more than 2-3 students per day maximum, enabling you to have the complete attention of the instructor, and giving that personal feel.


Evening classes are also available for those wishing to re-take a CBT that has, or is just about to expire.


Please Note: We are more than happy to pick you up from either Redhill or Reigate train stations if necessary.


Call 01737 652800 if you have any enquiries, and to book your CBT.




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